LED Stand Display

For ease in Displaying and a promising result, LED Stand Display was created from the Idea of Roll up Display. Features of our product is its light weight, Mobility and the possibility of hanging it on walls, Columns or just simply putting it on the floor by its adjustable Stand. LED Stand Display has a high-Resolution Display for displaying Videos, Pictures and also Text. it is used instead of Roll up in Hospitals, Offices, Shops and many other places. It is easily controlled by its inner memory and by the Internet.

Technical Specification

Pixel Pitch (mm)P3
LED EncapsulationSMD2121 Mat Black
Best Viewing Distance (m)≥3
Module Size250x250mm
Frame Size1920mm(H)x576mm(W)x45mm
Ave Power Consumption (w/m2)280w
Brightness (nits)≥1,000cd/m2
Life Span≥100,000Hours
Refresh Rate≥1,200Hz
Video Frame Rate60Hz
Control MethodAsynchronous (Wifi/USB/LAN)
Maximum Power Consumption 600w
Input Voltage (V)AC90-240V