LED Curtain Display

The LED Curtain Display is a new way of Digital Display Technology, some of its features High Transparency Rate, easy to Install and Friendly in use, it can display Videos and Pictures, another feature is its way of taking its shape of the Façade of the building. It is used in many places such as Malls, Special Events, Tall Buildings.

Pixel Pitch354284
Physical Density (dot/m2)816567142
LED ConfigurationSMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1
LED EncapsulationSMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Standard Module Size (mmxmm)560 x 2240336 x 2688672 x 5,376
Brightness (cd/m2)>1500>1000>600
Refresh Rate (Hz) >960>960>960
Viewing AngleH >120 V >120H >120 V >120H >120 V >120
IP LevelIP67IP67IP67