LED Poster Display

Digital Poster is a new way of advertising your product by using advance Transparent Display Technology. it is easy to use and it can be accessed anywhere and anytime throw the internet and with its inner memory. It’s main feature is it has a Transparency Rate, Light weight, both side Protection, Low electrical consumption and many other features. you can easily display high resolution Video content, display bright vivid Pictures and also display clear wonderful Text.

ModelP3 SmallP3 Medium  P2 LargeP5 Large
Pixel Pitch (mm)W3.33 x H6.66W3.13 x H6.66W2.5 x H5.71W5 x H5.71
LED ModelSMD2020SMD2020SMD2020SMD2020
Brightness (nits)>6000>6000>6000>6000
Display Size (WxH)640mm x 852mm801mm x 1067mm960mm x 1280mm960mm x 1280mm
Resolution (W x H)192 x 128256 x 160384 x 224192 x 224
Refresh Rate3000300030003000
Input PowerAC 100V – AC 240VAC 100V – AC 240VAC 100V – AC 240VAC 100V – AC 240V
Working Temp-10c – 40c-10c – 40c-10c – 40c-10c – 40c